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IMG_42221-200x300By Decision of the National Assembly on May 26, 2015 College of Telecommunications and Post was transformed into University of Telecommunications and Post, with activity:

training of graduates in specialties of higher education from professional directions „Communication and computer equipment“ and „Administration and Management“.

Higher School College of Telecommunications and Post is the successor to the State School of Telegraph, which was established by decree of prince (knyaz) Alexander I of December 31, 1881

In 1923 by decree № 60 Tsar Boris III approves a law on opening of school for practical and theoretical study of telegraphic and post office. On March 12, 1941 King Boris III by Decree approves the Law on State telegraph and postal school. The main goal of this school is to prepare officials for the General Directorate of the Ministry of Post and electricians for the army.

By decree № 310 of the Presidium of the Grand National Assembly was promulgated the Law on State telegraph and postal Institute adopted on February 18, 1948. The Institute has two departments – administrative and technical preparing staff for administrative and technical services at the Ministry of Post, Telegraphs and telephones .

On December 10, 1954 the Presidium of the National Assembly by decree opens State college Institute of Communications. In 1970, the Presidium of the National Assembly named the Institute in Semi-higher institute of communications „Avram Stoyanov.“

On July 25, 1997 the National Assembly promulgated a decision giving the status of an autonomous college of Institute of Communications with the name ‘College of Telecommunications and Post „with headquarters in Sofia, as a university, which provides vocational training and conduct training to educational – qualification degree „Specialist …….“ with a period of study three years.

By changing the law on Higher Education in Bulgaria, educational qualification level „Specialist …….“ transformed into „Bachelor – Professional Bachelor of …“ (State Gazette number 41 of May 22, 2007).

Today at the University of Telecommunications and Posts train more than 1,100 students in the specialties:

Telecommunications Technologies;

Telecommunications networks;

Wireless Communications and Broadcasting;

Telecommunications Informatics;

Computer administration of software applications;

Management and Information Technology in Telecommunications and Post.


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