Erasmus policy statement

The University of Telecommunications and Posts (UTP) has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the Erasmus+ programme 2014-2021. The Erasmus Policy Statement sets out our institutional strategy in relation to the Charter.
The University of Telecommunications and Posts supports the EU Modernisation and Internationalisation Agenda for Higher Education, and the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education is integral to the realisation of our institutional plans, strategies and aspirations.
We believe that higher education is a power for good and makes a significant economic, intellectual and cultural contribution to the world. We are committed to international excellence through the creation of world-changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching within an inclusive academic culture.
We will actively promote international mobility when recruiting new students and to current students through our university Erasmus coordinator. We have successfully made arrangements with partner institutions to enable students with disabilities to participate in Erasmus exchange. We will build on our experience to enhance and develop inclusive polices and practice in regard to all aspects of mobility.
Mobility of academic and administrative staff is a priority for effective partnership relationship management, support of co-operation projects, professional training, teaching delivery and programme development. In this context we will encourage staff, both academic and administrative, to make visits to our partners and invite their staff to UTP in return. All incoming students will be made members of a programme, regardless of the length of the study period, and will have benefits (both academic and social) as a result.
The UTP has several goals to follow:
• Expanding the European academic cooperation in creating curriculа and programmes, comparable systems and evaluation criteria for quality of studying;
• Improving transfer of credits and expanding mobility possibilities of students and academic staff members;
• Intensifying research activities, maintaining high quality of the final product;
• Integrating into the European research area by participating in different projects;
• Cooperating with business and social partners, while perfecting the education process for the students and research for the academic staff;
• Establishing international cooperation.
The main tasks of our university are:
• To improve the quality of the education process in first, second and third cycle in accordance with the European educational standards;
• To accelerate the development and the research activities of the academic staff;
• To develop contacts with foreign and international science and educational institutions.